Our Company

On November first 2008 JHA Legacy LLC dba Limestone Farm Lawn Worksite was formed. Our company was created from the rich culture of three John Deere dealerships, Bowen Farm Supply, Dixie Farm Store, and Shelby Supply.  The common philosophy’s and core values that drove these companies are still fundamental business practices today. Please read below and learn how it all started many years ago.

Bowen Farm Supply:

L. E. (Brooker) Bowen started L. E. Bowen Farm Supply as an International Harvester dealer in 1927 by selling a Wagon Running Gear to E. G. Meeks of Crittenden Ky. The Facility that was used is the same Facility that the Gardnersville Store uses today. In 1969 Arnold Ross, L.E.’s Son-In-Law, purchased the business and continued the tradition. In 1990 Brad and Mark Ross, L.E.’s Grandsons, took control of the business and continued its growth. By 2006 Bowen Farm Supply had reached a point of growth and opened one of the first John Deere Place facilities in the U.S. in Florence KY. Business continued on until the merger in 2008. 

Dixie Farm Store:

March 1, 1949 Synder Implement became Dixie Farm Store Incorporated. By August 1, 1954 Hugh Gwynn was hired to manage Dixie Farm Store Inc. Hugh Continued to work and help build the company and by 1957 was able to purchase 25% of Dixie Farm Store. In 1963 Hugh purchased the remaining 75% of the company and built a new facility. On May 7, 1972 Brown Gwynn, Hugh’s Son, purchased 15% of Dixie Farm Store Inc. and became an integral part of Dixie Farm Store’s growth and vision. September 1, 1976 Dixie Farm Store Inc. moved to its present location and continued to grow and expand. July 15th 2005 Hugh passed away and left Brown as principal owner until the merger in 2008. 

Shelby Supply:

In 1945 James Guthrie and Lewis Mathis open Shelby Supply Company, a John Deere dealership, in Shelbyville, Kentucky. In 1955 Joseph E Burks leaves Deere and Company where he had worked as a territory manager in Western Kentucky. Over the next few years Joe purchased Shelby Supply Co. from Mathis and Guthrie. In 1964 Joe Burks relocates to the current location on the corner of Hwy 55 and US 60. By 1979 Mark Burks, Joe’s Son, goes to work for Shelby Supply Co. after graduating from Eastern Kentucky University with a degree in Agriculture. Mark and Joe continued their hard work growing the business and in 1986 the Board of Directors elected Mark Burks to Vice President of Shelby Supply Company. In 1997 Mark Burks and Earl Adkins purchased 50% of Shelby Supply Company from Joseph E Burks and by 2003 Mark Burks had purchased Earl’s interest in the company. In 2006 Mark Burks is named President of Shelby Supply Company and Joseph E Burks remains on the Board of Directors until the merger in 2008.

2008 and beyond:

In January 2012 Limestone Farm Lawn Worksite acquired the Louisville KY and Somerset KY locations of Hartland equipment. In December 2013 Limestone Farm Lawn Worksite purchased Greenline Implement with locations in Danville and Springfield KY.

Our growth and prosperity could only be possible with the key values that started in 1927. It’s really quite simple, Always focus on the customer and provide them the best possible value.

We thank you for taking the time to read about our heritage and hope you will stop by any of our stores very soon!